March 29, 2011

Do You Guys Work Out? ...Sweet
by God's Gift to Working Out

What's going on bros? That was one hell of a game last night, eh? Yeah, but without that big play by the "D" they probably never would have won. . .

Hey, do you guys work out? You do? Sweet.

[high fives]

Yeah, we can pretty much tell. You see, we totally work out too. About, oh, two or three times a day.

So many different exercises. Bench press, military press, squat, upright row and bent-over row. Three sets each. Ten reps. Forty-five seconds of rest in between sets. That pretty much works every major muscle group. We do that fifty times.

How about you guys? Yeah? Wow. That seems pretty heavy duty. We also work our abs.

It just takes a whole lot of dedication. Will power. Mental endurance. That's what we're always trying to explain to people. Eighty percent of working out is mental.

Of course, we watch our diet religiously. Strictly tuna fish, egg whites, broccoli and just enough carbs to get through the workouts.

It might sound like we're denying ourselves, but when your passion is your workout routine, nothing else can come first.

So you guys are looking pretty good. Maybe you would want to come work out with us some time. It's not very likely that you'll be able to keep up.

Hey, good luck with all the working out, gentlemen.

[high fives]

We're going to go work out some more, in case you were wondering. We totally do it all the time.