April 11, 2011

Music Review: I Just Got Arrested
Bobby D - UpFukt Reckordz

Anybody who's followed the career of Apartment 3's own Bobby D may have noticed a certain lack of inspiration on his last five albums. It's as though the rapper was missing a dramatic tension in his life.

The disc released just before those five, last year’s Ouch, My Ass!, which chronicled his ordeal of being gunned down, is arguably his best work, and one of the best rap albums in Apartment 3's history.

On top of beats running the gamut from dancey to trancey to hard-core, D rapped with a surgeon's precision on tracks such as "This Really Fukin' Hurts," and "My Ass Be Bleedin' (No, Not Like That)."

So what happened on his last five discs? Gimme My Change, Bitch! and Foggin' Up Windshields (Yeah, Like That), while quality in many respects, seemed to be a sign that a once-promising career was about to run out of steam.

Even his last single, "Click, Click (Does This Phone Work?)," while a hit, failed to catch on with Apartment 3ers, and nowadays is rarely heard outside of serious rap circles.

Fans will be relieved to know that D is back in classic form on I Just Got Arrested. The opening track, "What Do You Mean, You're the Police?" provides D's first-hand account of police arriving on the scene, threatening him with arrest.

Lines such as, "They all sayin' I'm at too high a decibel / I'm left wonderin' how I's caught up in this messible" show right away that he is ready to keep it real again, and that attitude carries right through to tracks such as "Handcuffs Suck" and "Calling My Attorney."

By the time the listener gets to the final song, "I'm 'A Make A Album Outta This," D's taken us on a journey into his personal hell, and it's so refreshing to see an artist return to the style and force that made him a star in the first place.

If only he could get arrested or shot more often, D could rise to the status of rap legend.