June 15, 2011

Romney Tweets Picture Of Magic Mormon Underwear

Republican presidential hopeful and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney became the latest public figure to run into trouble using the social-networking site Twitter on Tuesday when a picture of his magic Mormon underwear was sent from his account.

Mr. Romney was only hours removed from the New Hampshire Republican debate in which he solidified his place as the front-runner for the presidential nomination when the photo, showing a man wearing a complete set of the magical underwear — also known as temple garments — appeared on his official Twitter account.

The magic underwear is worn by Mormons who have attended a special service in a temple and promised to live a righteous life. The garments serve as reminders to members of the church that they have chosen to be obedient to the commandments of the Lord, and are worn at all times.

Mr. Romney confirmed that the picture was of his magic underwear, but that it was an accident that the picture found its way to the Internet.

“The picture was meant to be private,” he said. “I have a magic underwear scrapbook that I keep for myself and my family. It’s unfortunate that it was Twittered.”

The biggest backlash is coming from inside the Mormon community.

“Our underwear is sacred,” said Barbara Smith, a member of Church of Latter-day Saints. “They keep Satan out and Jesus in. It’s totally inappropriate that there are tawdry pictures like that out there.”

It remains to be seen how this developing scandal will affect Mr. Romney’s candidacy for the 2012 GOP nomination.

“It’s at the very least embarrassing,” said political analyst Andrew Clarke. “The most damaging aspect of this situation is that voters now know he’s serious about his Mormonism.

“I mean, magic underwear? That’s priceless.”