January 27, 2012

GOP: Debates Renewed for Second Season

Executives at CNN announced on Thursday that they had reached a deal with the Republican Party to renew the hit reality series GOP: Debates for a second season

GOP: Debates has been a solid performer in our primetime lineup, and has truly engaged American audiences,” said CNN’s director of programming Janelle Rodriguez. “We’re thrilled to be taking the show through 2013 and hope it continues to be a integral part of our network well beyond that.”

The series began as a mid-season replacement last year and quickly became one of CNN’s top-rated programs. Much of the success has been attributed to the cast, which producers hand-selected from thousands of applicants.

“The show wouldn’t have been nearly this big of a hit without the completely outrageous characters they’ve managed to assemble,” said reality-TV expert Dicky Bloads. “It’s the key to any successful reality show.”

Some cast members have used the series as a springboard to even greater fame and fortune.

“Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, these are household names now,” continued Mr. Bloads. “It will be interesting to see who returns next season. The original cast will surely be asking for a significant pay increase, but I’m not sure this level of bat-nuts crazy could be achieved with too many new faces.”

CNN’s announcement of the Debates renewal comes only days after the report that Fox News is picking up Tea Party: Special Victims Unit for next year in a competing time slot.