February 6, 2012

Romney: "Poor People are Delicious"

In an interview with MSNBC on Sunday night, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney admitted that he thinks that the nation’s poor are “absolutely delicious.”

“The very poorest Americans serve a vital purpose in this country,” he said. “They are some of the most wonderful, plump and delicious people we have.”

Later in the interview he tried to clarify his statement, saying that he “wasn’t implying that the only thing that poor people are good for is eating. I want to get that out there.”

The comments come at a time that Mr. Romney is already facing questions from voters and pundits about his commitment to Americans not in the millionaire class.

“This reinforces the image of Romney as the prototypical rich Republican who literally lives off the flesh of the poor,” said elections expert Dicky Bloads. “What he needs to do now is explain how this fits into more widely-accepted conservative principles and policies.”

Mr. Romney’s remarks also touched off criticism from his main rival for the GOP nomination, Newt Gingrich.

“I am tired of politicians dividing Americans,” Mr. Gingrich told a rally of supporters in Reno, NV. “I am concerned with how all people taste, regardless of income, as well as all pigs, chickens, and cows. I’ll pretty much eat anything that walks. Even horses.”