October 26, 2012

Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Four Years Ago When You Were Preparing For the Collapse of Society?


America is faced with a stark decision on November 6th, one that will change the course of our nation for a generation. When making your choice for president, it’s important to ask yourself one important question before heading to the polling place: Are you better off today than you were four years ago when you were preparing for the collapse of society?

President Obama can’t run on his record because he’s led this country to high unemployment, massive debt, and economic uncertainty. Compare that to when his term began, and you had a wonderfully stocked pantry full of canned goods, dehydrated food, rolls and rolls of duct tape, and brand-new gas masks.

With the collapse of the banks in 2008, so many of you got to convert your life savings into cash that you kept under your mattresses. What a wonderful way to enjoy your money, by actually getting to touch it! But now, with global markets stabilized and the solvency of banks not in question, Obama’s taken that privilege away.

It’s outrageous how far America has fallen from the halcyon days of the pre-Obama years. I know first-hand that even the nature of the campaign for president has changed for the worse. Who can forget the time that John McCain suspended his campaign and even tried to cancel a debate because the economy was in such shambles? There has yet to be anything nearly that fun and interesting in this year’s campaign.

And remember when it seemed like the Iraq War was never going to end and we’d get to enjoy it forever? Well, thanks to another failed policy by Obama, Americans have one less thing to look forward to every morning.

So if you ask yourself this one simple question, America, the choice is clear.