November 6, 2012

How About 2 Out of 3?


I understand that this is normally where I’m supposed to concede to my opponent, with no conceivable way for me to pick up the Electoral College votes that it would take to be elected president. But, this time, let’s do something different.

Here’s the deal I’m offering you, President Obama: I will give you this one if you agree to go 2 out of 3 with me. We can stop counting the votes right now, declare you the winner of the first election, and we’ll start running again immediately. This has been a lot of fun, so why don’t we just keep it going for a couple more quick elections?

One-and-done is a pretty stupid way to pick a president anyway, don’t you think? Let’s have another debate next week, and everyone can vote again before Thanksgiving, and if we need to do a third, we’ll knock it out before Christmas.

This is pretty easy to do, if you think about it. Surely you can squeeze this into your schedule. What do you say? …

Would it helped if I begged? Please, I need this. It’s all I know.