March 26, 2013

White House Asks Biden to Close His Chatroulette Account

White House insiders have confirmed that in a closed-door session, President Barack Obama asked Vice President Joe Biden to close his Chatroulette account “immediately,” after several reports reached the Oval Office regarding Mr. Biden’s sometimes questionable use of the service.

Chatroulette is a social network that connects users randomly and allows them to chat via webcam until one of them clicks a “Next” button, taking them to the next random user. That randomness, combined with video, and the anonymity of the Internet, often leads to strange interactions, and sometimes downright inappropriate ones.

According to sources, several users of the service have recounted in e’mails to the White House being connected to “JoeBVP69,” and that that user bears a striking resemblance to the vice president. 

Many of those same users claimed that JoeBVP69 oftentimes reiterated that he was using Chatroulette as a way “to party,” or to “meet babes,” and on more than one occasion appeared shirtless.

Representatives of both Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden declined to confirm whether or not JoeBVP69 is, in fact, Mr. Biden. However, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that the administration had recently reviewed its Internet social network policy with Mr. Biden and that “small changes are being made to make sure he is in compliance with the policy.”

Mr. Biden did release a short statement on the matter, saying that he would no longer be visiting Chatroulette, but that he anticipates spending “a lot more time on”