November 21, 2020

Sidney Powell: Yeah, Sure, Aliens Too

Sidney Powell, an attorney representing golf course manager Donald Trump in his attempt to overturn this month's U.S. presidential election that he lost decisively, suggested that perhaps life forms from another world could be involved in the plot to swing the results toward Joe Biden, the president-elect.

At a press conference on Thursday, after making accusations that the conspiracy stretched from such far-ranging actors as the long-dead Hugo Chavez to computer code developed in Germany, Ms. Powell was asked by the Gazette whether any alien beings could also be involved, perhaps orchestrating the stolen election from the beginning of life on Earth.

"Yeah, sure," Powell said. "Aliens too. Certainly from this galaxy, perhaps more from outside it. We just don't know how far this goes."

The involvement of earth-bound supernatural forces has not been ruled out either, however Powell says that as of now, no evidence has been presented to her that would suggest it.

"I've not come across anything that alleges any vampires, werewolves, leprechauns, or the like, were involved here," said Powell. "Not yet. But now that you mention it, it does seem plausible, so I would expect by tomorrow we'll know more. I'll have to check with the president."